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What Does Steve Harvey Really About Kenan Thompson’s Impersonation Of Him On “Saturday Night Live?” Find Out!

  • Steve Harvey will finally face off with KENAN THOMPSON, the man who frequently impersonates him on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Tune-in to see where Kenan gets his Steve Harvey material from and more importantly, find out what Steve really thinks of Kenan’s impression of him! Kenan has been on SNL for fourteen years, but this year has been particularly relevant, with the show getting plenty of material to use from the most recent presidential election. Kenan lets viewers in on how the show has benefitted from the current political landscape and gives his opinion on President Donald Trump’s reactions to some of SNL’s skits.
  • Then, Steve kicks off another installment of his “30 Day Date” experiment, with yet another twist! This time, Steve will pair best friends who say they’ve always been “just friends,” but now they’re wondering if there may be more to the relationship! They’ve all built solid foundations as friends, and for the next 30 days, each of the couples will dedicate themselves to exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship. Of course, “Steve Harvey” cameras will be tagging along throughout the experiment to see if any of these friendships will blossom into a romance!

What do you love most about Kenan Thompson's impression of Steve?