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Tia Mowry Shows Steve Some Healthy Recipes In The Kitchen

  • Steve welcomes the tough-as-nails prosecutor and TV personality, who’s never afraid to tell it like it is, NANCY GRACE! Nancy tells Steve about the recent 10-day RV trip she took with her husband, two kids and her 85-year-old mom, visiting landmarks all over the west coast!
  • And Steve asks Nancy for her take on a few cases that she previously covered, which have been back in the headlines lately because of recent developments in the cases. You won’t want to miss Nancy’s no-holds-barred take on “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony’s recent comments in the media, as well as the rumors that O.J. Simpson might be released from prison as early as this October! And get a sneak peek at Nancy’s new movie coming up on the Hallmark Movies and Mystery Channel, “Hailey Dean: Deadly Estates,” airing Sunday, April 9.
  • Then, TIA MOWRY has been winning over hearts since she first starred in the hit show, “Sister, Sister” in the 90’s. Now she’s a married mom and is finding celebrity for an entirely different reason … as a chef and cookbook author! Her new book “Whole New You” highlights every day dishes made with whole foods, instead of processed and bleached products. Tia will teach Steve how to make her kids’ favorite Banana and Blistered Blueberry Pancakes, with a memorable culinary lesson on the “Steve Harvey” stage!
  • And Steve welcomes two participants from the new Ellen DeGeneres-produced NBC reality series, “First Dates” (premiering April 7). In each episode, couples fill a restaurant for one night and meet their blind date for the first time, with cameras rolling to capture everything – the good, the bad and the ugly! Some love matches are made, but of course, some people leave the show still feeling unlucky in love. Steve welcomes KATHERYN and ANIP, two participants in the show, who will each detail their unsuccessful blind dates, with a plea to Steve for some help to find “the one!”

What is your favorite healthy meal?