• @HasanHoltz Steve Harvey makes my afternoons
  • @DKveska Steve Harvey the MAN!
  • @SWIFTLYCLEAN @IAmSteveHarvey Thanks for an amazing Show and the extra things you do.
  • @hasmine18 this episode of steve harvey made me tear up
  • @lbritzey5 my step dad be too hype over the steve harvey show #mancrush

Thank You: Yvette & Linda

Three kids thanked the complete strangers that helped them financially when it came time to bury their mother after she passed away from cancer at the age of 42. The kids wrote Mother’s Day messages on balloons that were released into the sky. Those messages were eventually found by women who lived three cities away! The women helped raise enough money to help the kids cover their mom’s funeral expenses, including a beautiful headstone.

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