TD Jakes – Forgiveness

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Forgiveness is like making biscuits

The Process of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ultimate clean slate that allows people the freedom from their past. They don’t have to look back in order move forward if they live in a state of forgiveness. That individual is free to pursue his or her destiny and to use the innate gifts and talents to create a wholly new future and to discover their God-given purpose and passion.

Forgiveness Quotes

Freeing yourself from the slavery of being stuck to an incident that you need to renounce as being over

Just because you wanted and have a right to get it, doesn’t mean I have in the warehouse of my personality to complete the inventory of your need.

We have to forgive people for being defective in an area where we are quite successful.

A lot of times people confuse forgiveness with trust. The fact that I forgive you does not mean I trust you.

You can’t control where you’ve been but you can change where you are going!

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