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Tamron Hall Talks About Domestic Violence

TAMRON HALL, one of the hardest working women in news, stopped by for a chat with Steve! Of course, Steve wasted no time at all, jumping in for an update on Tamron’s dating life, with Tamron revealing to Steve that she’s happily dating someone right now! Tamron reminisced over her 20+ year career, recounting some of her most memorable interviews and talked to Steve about her strong friendship with the late Prince. Tamron also shared the tragic story of her sister’s death, an event that devastated her family more than a decade ago. In 2004, Tamron’s sister Renate was murdered as the result of domestic violence, but sadly, no one has ever been brought to justice for the crime. Tamron has since started the “Tamron Renate Fund,” which helps to support victims of domestic violence and their families. Steve surprised Tamron with a woman named GINGER who said that Tamron changed her life. We saw this heartwarming moment as Ginger got to thank Tamron face-to-face.


Click here to learn on how you can donate to the “Tamron Renate Fund!”