Steve’s Handyman Tips: Bathroom Makeover

Monday, July 07, 2014 · Filed Under:

When it comes to tile, first you want to prep your floor space. Measuring is important and in older houses, you need to make sure the floor is level.

We’re using the patterned penny tile because it has a timeless look and it comes in square foot sheets to it’s pretty easy to line up.

Use the notched edge of a trowel to comb the material into ridges, and then gently place down on your time.

Now it’s time to lay and space the tiles. Make sure you use spacers to properly space out how the tiles should lay. When it comes to a patterned tile like this, always lay it out before you adhere it in case you end up with too much black or white coloring in one area.

Once you’ve got it all down, grout the floor. You want to get enough grout in between all of the tiles and then wipe it away to let the grout between tiles fully harden.

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