Steve The Tester: Resolutions Edition

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 · Filed Under:

Steve tested out some products that claim they will help you keep your resolutions. What do you think?

Fanny Bank
Every time you drop a coin in, it lets a certain sound out. The website says: “It’s so loud and so digesting, you don’t want to stop dropping coins in the crack!”

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Flair Hair Visor
Something for men who want a more youthful look going into the new year! It’s supposed to hide a receding hairline.

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The Rack
It’s a home gym, but much smaller so you can easily tuck it away. You can doll all kinds of workouts such as push-ups, curls and even sit ups.

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Trek Desk
This is for those of you who say you’re just too busy to work out. It’s a desk that straddles a treadmill, so you can run your spreadsheets while you run a couple of miles.

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Street Strider It’s sold as an elliptical cross-trainer, but you don’t have to stay in place to use this, you can get out into the great outdoors by riding it like a bike.

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Which product would you use?

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