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Steve Presents His First-Ever “Mega Mom Mixer!”

  • Family members know us better than anyone, right? What if your mom was the one to choose your next date? Would she be able to pick a good partner for you? Steve’s ready to find out, with his first ever “Mega Mom Mixer!” Steve has 30 moms who are ready to mingle, get to know each other and see if they can find a match for their single sons and daughters! Believe it or not, most of the moms think they found a good match for their kid. In fact, it was Steve’s most successful dating event in the history of the talk show! Among the 30 moms, 11 matches were made, which is a 76 percent success rate. That made it twice as successful as the best online dating site! Steve has filled his studio audience with the moms, along with their kids who they set up. But a few of the matches will be introduced to each other for the first time on the show! Steve will first hear from the moms as to why they think their kids are a good match, before bringing them out to meet each other on the stage! Tune-in to see if any love connections will be made on the “Steve Harvey” stage, and more importantly, if Mom really does know best!

Would you let your mom pick your date?