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Steve Looks Back At Some Of The Crazy Things Guests Have Done In Order To Find Love!

  • Producers have had Steve do some seriously crazy things over the five years that the show has been on the air, but we’ve also seen a lot of our guests do some pretty wild things in order to find love! Today, Steve spends the hour looking back at some of the most outrageous moments on the show, featuring people doing some pretty crazy things, all in the name of love. First, Steve revisits a story from season #1 with a woman named MONICA who was single and turning 40. She likes her men to be tall and handsome, but they must also have a sense of adventure! Steve set her up on some extreme adventure dates including one on a jet-propelled speed boat and one repelling off of the 27th floor of a hotel. But Monica only gets to choose one of the men to go on a second date with. Will Steve be able to make an extreme adventure love match?
  • Then, a few years ago, Steve met a world-class competitive lumberjack named KATIE. Katie was excelling at her profession, but was really striking out in the love department. Steve finds three athletic men for Katie to meet, but before she decides which one she’d like to go out on a date with, she tests them in their wood splitting skills! Plus, a woman named BREE who was preoccupied with looks, caused Steve to come up with an extreme tactic to help her understand how she keeps choosing the wrong men. Bree goes on two blind dates – literally, with the lights off! – where she was forced to focus on conversation and personality, instead of her dates’ physical appearance.
  • And Steve looks back on a professional cowgirl named DARLENE, who said that working in a male dominated industry made it impossible to find a good man. The show got creative in finding a way to help her round-up a good man. Steve found three handsome cowboys who were also looking for love, but they would have to pass more than just a Q&A to win a date with Darlene. Find out which man will win Darlene’s heart as they each test their riding skills out on a mechanical bull! And over the years, Steve has featured plenty of women who say “I Love My Man, But ….” there’s one thing that they need Steve’s help fixing. Steve will revisit the story of one woman who says her man had lost his sex appeal! She’s in for the shock of her life, as Steve arranges for her husband to step outside his comfort zone and perform a sexy dance for her on the “Steve Harvey” stage!
  • And another story of a woman who said her man is absolutely terrified of the dark! With the help of clinical psychologist, DR. JOHN DUFFY, Steve pulls off the ultimate trick and forces the husband to face his fears, deep inside a completely dark haunted house. Will the experiment help him to overcome his fear of the dark?

What has been your favorite love segment on the show?