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Steve Chats With “Dr. Miami” About Performing Plastic Surgery On Snapchat!

  • Steve welcomes MIA, who’s been through break-ups time and time again, but she’s clueless as to why. Everything else in her life seems to be going well, but she hasn’t been in a serious relationship in almost a decade! Steve’s helping her get to the bottom of it all, and going straight to the source for all of his answers …. Mia’s exes! With Mia’s blessing, Steve will talk to some of her ex boyfriends to figure out what keeps going wrong in her love life.
  • Plus, find out how DR. MICHAEL SALZHAUER (aka “DR. MIAMI”) became a social media star by live-streaming his plastic surgeries on Snapchat (@TheRealDrMiami)! His videos have become so popular that he now has millions of people watching every day, and he’s booking procedures almost two years in advance! He even got the attention of TV producers, who shot six one-hour episodes with him that will air on WE tv later this year.
  • Then, Steve brings viewers a “Good News” story with BECKY FAWCETT, Founder and President of There are more than a hundred million kids worldwide, waiting to be adopted, but as much as people want to take a child in, many families simply cannot afford it. Through her foundation, Becky has raised almost $2-million and has been part of creating nearly 200 happy families. Steve will surprise Becky with a mom and her adopted son, who want to thank Becky in-person for helping them to become a family.
  • And performers from the “Greatest Show on Earth,” Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus, show off their skills on the “Steve Harvey” stage!

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