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Steve Celebrates The “Lucky Hour!”

  • In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Steve Harvey is pressing his luck all hour long! With a set redesigned to feature an enormous jackpot slot machine, Steve is giving audience members the opportunity to pull the oversized jackpot lever in order to win luxurious trips! But first, Steve kicks off the hour by taking an “Ask Steve” question from the man who pilots the boat that dumps green dye into the Chicago River every year, TOM ROWAN!
  • Then, Steve welcomes a woman named SARA, who says that despite being half Irish, she’s 100% “unlucky in love.” She can’t seem to catch a break and lately, she’s had a few dates that ended up being total nightmares! Sara has come to the right place, on the perfect day, because Steve is going to help her find a man and completely change her luck around! He’s found five great guys who want to meet her. Sara gets five spins on the jackpot machine, and with each pull of the lever, she will get a little bit of info on each of the five men. Based on preliminary info like age and occupation, Sara can choose to meet any of the five men that Steve has lined up. The catch being that she can only choose two men out of the five, so she has to make her selections carefully! See if Sara can turn her luck around and if Steve will be able to make a love connection for her!
  • Plus, Steve highlights the HGTV show “My Lottery Dream Home,” by introducing viewers to lottery winner PETE BLAKENEY. Pete and his wife were featured on the show after winning $1,000,000 in the Mississippi state lottery. With the winnings, they first donated to their church and then purchased a gorgeous beach house on the coast of Alabama. Pete’s personal splurge was a ’71 GTO.
  • Then, Steve welcomes award-winning Irish chef and author of “Fresh,” DONAL SKEHAN! Donal will show Steve some healthier alternatives to traditional Irish dishes.
  • And “Travel Mom” EMILY KAUFMAN joins Steve to give away luxurious trips to unsuspecting audience members, including exotic destinations like Anguilla, the British Caribbean and Hawaii. But they save the biggest surprise of all, for last. Every person in the studio audience will be given a two-night stay at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in the luckiest place on the planet …. Las Vegas!

How do you celebrate "St. Patrick's Day?"