• @HasanHoltz Steve Harvey makes my afternoons
  • @DKveska Steve Harvey the MAN!
  • @SWIFTLYCLEAN @IAmSteveHarvey Thanks for an amazing Show and the extra things you do.
  • @hasmine18 this episode of steve harvey made me tear up
  • @lbritzey5 my step dad be too hype over the steve harvey show #mancrush

Should I Jump?

Steve meets a lot of people with big professional aspirations, who don’t pursue their dreams because of a fear of failure. Steve launched a new segment called “Should I Jump,” with MELISSA, who has always dreamed of opening her own hair salon, but is afraid to leave her stable corporate gig as a financial aid advisor. Her fantasies of starting her own business have only gotten stronger since seeing a viral video of Steve talking about jumping to pursue your dreams. Will Steve be able to convince Melissa and her husband MARCUS to take a leap of faith?

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