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Judge Lauren Lake Helps Couples Decide If Their Relationships Can Be Saved

  • Relationships are hard, and sometimes the problems are so overwhelming, you wonder if it’s just time to throw in the towel. Steve welcomes two couples who are at that point, but before they call it quits, they want to know if their relationship can be saved. JUDGE LAUREN LAKE from “Judge Lake’s Paternity Court” has a lot of experience mediating relationships in crisis and will join Steve to offer her insight and advice to the couples.
  • Plus, a 9-year-old tax whiz named CARLIE joins Steve with some big money saving tips on how you can pay the least amount possible to Uncle Sam! At six years old, Carlie was already preparing taxes, and now at the age of nine, she teaches grown-ups how to do the same!
  • Then, almost every woman fantasizes about that magical day that she’ll walk down the aisle and say “I do. And on that day, she wants to look and feel her absolute best. Steve is launching the “Big Day Bridal Challenge,” with four brides-to-be who all have one common goal – lose weight. The ladies will kick off their bridal challenge today, with the help of A.D. DOLPHIN, the CEO of Dherbs, who will oversee the women on their journey, including full body cleanses and personalized work out routines. The bride-to-be that loses the greatest percentage of body weight will score a dream honeymoon and $10,000!

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