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It’s The “Twins Hour,” With Steve Taking A Look Back At His Favorite Twin Segments

  • As you know by now, Steve’s two oldest daughters BRANDI and KARLI are twins. Today, Steve celebrates twins and the unique bond that each and every one of them shares, with a look back at some of the twin stories that have been featured on the show. He kicks off the hour with a segment from last season featuring Brandi and Karli as they help Steve navigate questions from a studio audience full of twins! Tune-in to hear how their relationship has changed now that Karli is married and they’re living separately for the first time in their lives, during a special “Ask Steve, with Brandi & Karli!” Then, Steve brings back a story from a couple of years ago where he counsels feuding twin sisters to help them settle something that’s creating a huge rift in their relationship. Engaged just 10 days apart, the twins want their mother to decide if they should they have a joint wedding ceremony. Mom can’t handle the pressure of the decision and has enlisted Steve to make the final call! Will Steve be able to help these twins come up with a compromise?
  • Plus, one of the main jobs of a parent is to prepare their child for adulthood. Steve looks back on a segment from season #2 featuring a mom named MICHELLE and her 22-year-old twin daughters BREA and BREANNA. Her twin daughters still lived at home and in fact, Michelle has made it so comfortable for them, that they have no reason to want to move out on their own. Michelle pretty much does everything for them and asked for Steve’s help in teaching her girls to be more independent. You won’t want to miss the experiment that Steve puts the young ladies through, to help them understand just how dependent they are on their mom.
  • And back in season #1, Steve helped a set of 19-year-old triplets try to establish their own sense of style, by giving them head-to-toe transformations. One triplet intervened on the other two and asked for Steve’s help. Steve enlisted the help of celebrity stylists, who gave the sisters completely different looks, in hopes of fostering some independence.
  • Plus you won’t want to miss celebrity stylist LAWRENCE ZARIAN, who also happens to be an identical twin, pull a fast one over on Steve, with the help of his twin brother GREGORY!

How do you tell a twin a part?