All-New! Steve & “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien help brides-to-be get fit!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Steve and “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien help six brides-to-be get fit for the new year with a bridal bootcamp! Can they get meet their weight loss and fitness goals before they walk down the aisle? Then, Steve gets the backstage story from former beauty queen Kim Gravel, now a pageant coach for young girls on the new reality show, “Kim of Queens.”  Also, a woman who says Steve’s book helped her find Mr. Right admits she needs help for the next level of love. Steve’s “Act Like a Lady: Master Class” reveals the tools she’ll need for a healthy marriage!  Plus, Steve shares words of wisdom from two 100-year-old women!

How did you get fit for your wedding day?

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