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Dr. John Duffy Joins Steve For “Is It Weird?”

  • Steve invites the real people behind some truly bizarre news stories for a very special edition of “Is It Weird?: Ripped From the Headlines Edition,” with Clinical Psychologist DR. JOHN DUFFY. Meet RC and SHERRON, whose family pet Buffalo has become a media star and RYAN, a funeral home owner who’s come up with an unusual way to say goodbye to the dearly departed … a drive-through funeral home! Is it weird? Tune-in to find out!
  • Then, ANIKA NONI ROSE and RUBEN SANTIAGO-HUDSON from the BET series “The Quad” stop by to talk about their co-starring roles in the nighttime drama set at an historical black university. Ruben plays the band director leading the most prominent marching band in the country, and Anika stars as the newly elected President of the fictional HBCU. Tune-in to hear Anika and Ruben talk about the unique historical significance of the show.
  • Plus, Steve welcomes New York Times Best-Selling author GREG McKEOWN to talk about finding work-life balance, as is chronicled in his book “Essentialism.” Greg makes a house visit to FELICIA, a single mom trying to raise two kids and maintain a demanding career. Felicia feels like there’s so much to do and so little time to do it, that her life is spinning out of control. She loves her job as the Chief of Staff for the Council President of the City of Buffalo, but is struggling with the fact that she is missing major events in her kids’ lives. Greg will take Felicia through the practical steps of essentialism to see if she can start to turn it all around.

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