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There are three rules when it comes to planning weddings and other parties from a kids’ birthday, to an anniversary, to backyard BBQ.

Remember that this is a celebration and not a competition.
It’s not about spending a certain amount of money or trying to impress anyone. Focus your energy on making the day special for the people who matter.

EVERYONE should have a clearly defined role
No one, including dad, should ever say, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” Even the simplest parties require team effort. When everyone is pitching in, it’s more organized and everyone cares.

The most important rule
When it comes to planning weddings and other big parties is honesty and setting a firm budget.

Planning A Wedding on a budget

Determine what is important to you
Weddings and other events go over-budget because people want everything. Focus on the most important pieces and THEN figure out
what else you can afford.

Skip the middle man
Part of the reason you went over-budget is because you booked an all-inclusive venue where they mark up the costs. If you want to save money, always go to the individual vendors. You’ll get a much better deal.

Look for a venue that’s free and can easily accommodate your event. Maybe it’s a public space or a friend’s backyard. Ask around… you probably know someone who has a place like this.

What do you think is that hardest part in planning a wedding?

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