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Decoding The Kiss

Decoding A Man’s Kisses courtesy of Patti Wood


A kiss on the cheek from a man is a sweet, somewhat shy gesture and shows that he respects your personal space, and respects you. If you want more out of that kiss on the cheek, know the guy is looking for a little encouragement, so take his hand, flirt with him and he’ll quickly change up the kissing style.


If a man kisses a woman with a nice closed mouth kiss, this means that the guy is cautious about coming on too strong and that he is looking to take things slow. It’s a definite sign of love and affection and it’s a definite turn on to women. Just a light brush on our lips stimulates a very large part of the brain, in some cases even more than what would be activated by stimulations below the belt.


It definitely means he wants you and if he adds a gentle bite that means he gets lost in the moment. Men tend to prefer the wet slopping French kiss more than women. Studies say men instinctually do this because the open mouth allows a man to dose a woman with small amounts of the libido-raising testosterone. Over weeks and months it can enhance her libido. Men need to be careful about the amount of pressure they apply in a ‘French kiss’ because too much pressure on the lips produces the stress hormone Cortisol which can really kill the mood.


Propeller tongue is when you’re French-kissing a guy who only knows how to move his tongue in one speed, one rhythm and one direction. When a guy kisses a woman in this style, it means he’s not as in tune with you as you’d thought.


When a man kisses you on the shoulder, what he is saying to you is that you are perfect. This is a sensual loving kiss on the shoulder that leads to the lips always.


What’s your favorite kiss?

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