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Decoding Body Language

Body Language Analyst and Author of “You Can’t Lie To Me,” Janine Driver broke down the meaning behind pictures you see posted on social media.

Head Tilt

Ariana Grande is doing the head tilt. This is a sign that can be perceived as flirty and interested. Keep in mind if she was on a live date, it would read that she’s interested in what the other person is saying but in this photo, it reads that she has a fun flirty personality. So, when you’re looking at someone’s social media account and you want to see how flirty or fun they are, look for the head tilt.


Taylor Swift is in a tight embrace with her mom in close proximity. This is called Proxemics, which is how far we stand next others. It’s important because it tells us how intimate people are. Taylor’s close with her mom because she’s in her mom’s intimate zone (less than 18 inches). This is only appropriate for loved ones and close friends. So if you’re looking at a guy’s social media and he’s got tons of photos in the intimate zone with different girls, they’re not just friends.

Ladies, be careful getting into someone’s intimate space if the relationship is professional. Remember, 18 to 24 inches is personal zone. 24 inches to 4 feet is social zone and over 4 feet is a public zone.

God Stance

Nick Jonas is doing the ultimate power move, “the God stance.” He’s speaking with his arms and hands out like he’s God embracing the praise. Careful, this move can backfire on you if you’re on a first date and you enter the restaurant like “I am your savior; You’re so lucky to be meeting me!” It can be over-the-top! If someone’s sifting through you’re social media and see a picture of you with this stance greeting your friends, you’ll read as extremely powerful. It’s a very attractive feature that will make others trust you more. It’s great if someone professionally sees that attribute in you.

Taking Up Space

Another person who has a great power move is Jennifer Lopez. She’s “taking up space.” This is a close second to the God Stance in terms of power. The rule is the more space you take up, the more powerful you’ll be perceived. A study at Harvard proves when you take up space, you decrease your stress hormone, Cortisol, and increase your testosterone, which is connected with bravado. This can be used in any setting of life.

Elbow Pop

Kim Kardashian of course. If you want to appear confident, but the other power stances are too over the top for your personality, try the elbow pop. We perceive Kim Kardashian here as having confidence, and attractive. The move is very sexy and sleek. Kim is taking up more space in a subtle way. This move is appropriate to use when you want to come across as relaxed, confident and in control of the situation.

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