Decoding Body Language

Monday, March 04, 2013

Tips courtesty of Jan Hangrave, Body Language Specialist

Straight hand with fingers held tightly together indicates someone who will tell the truth, but you’ll have to extract it from them.

Bent fingers when taking the oath indicates someone who is going to bend the truth.

Fingers bent backwards indicates someone who will bend over backwards to get you to believe them, but will most likely be deceptive in the end.
Eye Contact
The eyes are the windows to the soul and they play a big part in honesty and dishonesty. Never trust someone’s eyes if they constantly avoid your eyes as you can see in this picture. Other signs are if someone is excessively blinking or the eyes are closed for entirely too long.
Fake Smiles & Yawning
Fake yawns are a sign of deception. Also, expressions of long duration (usually more than 10seconds) are false – even smiles. Genuine emotions don’t remain on the face for more than a few minutes.
Left-Handed Gestures
Many left-handed gestures indicate deception because the left hand is controlled by the creative, emotional side of the brain. That’s the side of the brain that typically creates a story. Some gestures include: Rubbing up and down the nose with the left index pointer finger – done to conceal information coming from the mouth.

Tugging at the eye with the index finger translates to “do you ‘see’ clearly what I’m saying because I am lying to you”. Tugging at the ear is a telling sign that says “do you ‘hear’ clearly what I am saying, because I am being dishonest with you.
Honesty Gestures

  • Direct eye contact in conversation – 80% of the time, 100% makes you look crazy
  • Feet flat on the floor establishes stability when you are speaking
  • Level shoulders indicated decisiveness and directness of a person
  • Palms facing upward during the conversation
  • Right hand gestures
  • What are some other gestures or behaviors that indicate someone is lying?

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