David Tutera’s DIY Party Planning Tips

Friday, August 02, 2013

David Tutera shared a few cost effective party planning tips

Photo Invites
Pictures are an inexpensive and easy way to create an invitation. Using little more than photocopies and craft paper, you can make memorable printed materials that will instantly transport your guests back in time- before leading them to your event. You can make these for about $1.25 a piece versus $6 at the store.
Fabric Treatment
People waste so much money on rental linens. Go to your local craft store where they sell all kinds of fabric by the yard. You can use this for place settings, napkins, runners… it’s endless. Fabric is usually $15 a yard, so you can make 6 napkins for $2.50 a piece. If you’re renting a large event, you’re definitely going to pay hundreds of dollars… and these you get to keep!
Heart Branch Centerpiece
You need something to go on the table, and this is where people spend way too much money. Thin, natural branches are your answer. It’s all about styling. Just arrange the branches in a sturdy base. Complete the look with leaves, petals and a few berries. the best part is that a lot of these items are free from your backyard!
Votive Candles
People forget how much ambiance you can create with votive candles. Go beyond what you can get at your local department store by adding a little paint. Each one is less than a dollar. You can’t beat that!

What Are Your Favorite DIY Tips?

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