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Coupon Tips

November is one of the best shopping months of the year

You can get everything you need to create the perfect meal and entertain for a bargain. You won’t see low prices on certain items again until the Fall of 2015.

Right now it’s stock- up time at the supermarket. It’s baking season, so all of your pantry basics are a steal. Buy as much as you have room for because a lot of this can last until next year.

You’ll see drastic price cuts on your everyday cooking and baking essentials like flour for $.30 a pound, or sugar for $.50 a pound. So this is the time to stockpile your pantry with these items so you don’t have to buy at full price later.

Also, all of the pricy ingredients, like spices you need for your holiday recipes are on sale. This is when you see spices at 50% off or B1G1 free, so buy now to save big on your holiday supper.

Even canned goods: soup, veggies and fruits, get marked down now. So you’ll score items for $.50 a can.

Stack Coupons For Best Deals

Right now manufacturers are fighting for your business. They want to be the talk of your holiday dinner, so they’re rolling out their best coupons of the year to get you to buy their products.

Buy in Bulk

The best is buying in bulk. A lot of places will let you use 1 coupon per item in the bulk packaging. So say there’s a 5-pack of flour for $6.99, and you have 5 manufacturers coupons for $1 off a package of flour, they’ll let you use all 5 coupons and you’ll only spend $1.99 for all 5 packages. Throw in a $1 off store coupon, and your pantry is stocked with flour for 6 months for only $.99!

See Out Free Incentives

Through the autumn months, you’re going to find cookware, bakeware and kitchen accessories up to 60% off. If you bought these items last month, it would’ve cost you 40% more.

Many retailers offer great incentives, like a free colander with the purchase of a roasting pan or baking pan.

Invest in High-End Cookware

The best part is high-end cookware isn’t excluded. So you can score quality items for a fraction of what it would normally cost you, and these items usually last a lifetime.

Pay with Cash

When it comes to saving on large kitchen appliances, the trick is to buy when the stores need you more than you need them. You want to shop on the last days of the month because stores are desperate to meet price quotas. And remember big-ticket items like kitchen appliances are always negotiable. Always ask “What is the best price you can give me?” People who negotiate save an average of $100 on appliances. And pay with cash so your retailers doesn’t charge you for the credit card transaction. 

Buy Thursdays for Lowest Prices

You have to know the best time to shop online. Timing is everything. Research studies show that retailers are twice as likely to reduce prices on Thursdays, and they drop prices on the 4th or 5th day of the month because that’s when people get paid. They also drop prices on the 23rd or 29th of the month to meet quotas. And best time of the day for bargains is 3pm. So if you want to put this theory to the test, the best time to buy kitchen appliances online will be the last Thursday of November, on Thanksgiving at 3pm.

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