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Composting is the process of turning organic stuff into natural fertilizer.

You’ll need 2 plastic tubs that fit inside each other and have a lid.

Drill about 8 or 9 small holes in the bottom of one bin and stack it inside the other. These will be your drainage holes.

You’ll need window screening sized to fit the bottom of the bin. Just put that in the top bin. This stops the worms from crawling out.
Now its time to build a worm’s nest. Get a bunch of shredded newspaper and fill the bin about halfway up. The worms will eat the paper, so you’ll need to add more once a month.

Next add a cup of soil. If you don’t have fresh soil, feel free to grab some from your yard.

Now, let’s add the worms.
Finally, its time to drop in your food scraps. Worms eat everything from vegetable scraps and stale bread to coffee grounds and turn it into scraps. The smaller you make your scraps the quicker the process.

Once you’ve got your worm compost set up, water it, pop on the lid and keep it in a warm dark place like your basement or garage.

What are you planning to grow in your garden?

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