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Ben Raymond Talks About His New Book

With Father’s Day this Sunday, Steve dedicated the entire hour to fatherhood! In addition to celebrating fathers, Steve also highlighted some men who play the incredibly important role of being a father figure to young kids – starting with his son-in-law, BEN RAYMOND. Not only is Ben married to Steve’s daughter Karli and an incredible dad to Steve’s grandson BJ, he also spends countless hours mentoring young kids who are growing up just like he did, with no dad around. Today’s he shared personal stories of his journey, as is detailed in his new book, “Playing the Game Without a Coach.” Ben was born to parents who couldn’t take care of him. His mom was a bipolar schizophrenic who also had addiction issues and his dad abandoned the family and ultimately landed in prison. Luckily, Ben ended up in the care of families who provided the encouragement and stability he needed to successfully transition into adulthood. As an adult, Ben found his dad and learned that he had a sister that he never knew about. Ben’s sister DAVIDA will also joined the conversation. We heard Ben’s story of tragedy turned into triumph and how he’s using his own life story to inspire other kids growing up without a dad. Ben’s story has come full circle, now that he’s a father himself. Ben’s wife KARLI and their son BJ will also stopped by. Not only will Ben be celebrating his first Father’s Day this weekend, but they will also be celebrating BJ’s first birthday! Steve got the birthday celebration underway on the stage!

What do you think of Raymond’s incredible story?

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