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Become A Social Media Star

From online personalities and beauty bloggers, to Instagram and Vine pros, social media stars have become a new breed of celebrity and they’re making serious money at it! Social media stardom, and the money that comes with it, isn’t as unattainable as you may think. Steve is joined by YouTube sensations LAURA VITALE (from “Laura in the Kitchen” and star of the Cooking Channel’s “Simply Laura”) and RACHEL LEVIN (from Rclbeauty101), who revealed the secrets to gaining online followers and cashing in, with tips for three women on how to become a social media star!

Laura’s Tip: Consistency

  • Be authentic and consistent with quality and content. Post videos frequently. Build followers by advertising and teasing new looks on other social media platforms and refer people back to YouTube Channel to get the new looks or workouts. I use my blog to post full recipes, and refer subscribers to go there after they watch the videos.

Click here to view Laura’s YouTube Channel “Laura in the Kithen.”

Rachel’s Tip: Quality

  • Always post quality videos and show your personality in your videos. People will connect with you and want to see what you do next. Also, if you want to make a career out of this, slow and steady wins the race.

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