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A Mom Needs Steve’s Help Kicking Her Grown Son Out Of His Childhood Bedroom For Good!

  • Steve welcomes a mom named TIFFNEY who says she can’t get away from her grown son AARON, no matter how hard she tries! At the age of 24, Aaron is still living with her, in his childhood bedroom, and he refuses to get his own place. Tiffney cooks his meals, washes his dishes, drives him where he needs to go and even buys him clothes. But now, she feels like Aaron is starting to take advantage of her kindness, so it’s time for Aaron to move out on his own and “man up.” Tiffney came to Steve for help in breaking the news to her son. Steve will help Aaron come up with a plan to take on real responsibility, but will Tiffney be able to keep up her end of the deal and enforce Steve’s new house rules?
  • Then, Steve names B.J. STRINGHAM from the organization “Suited For Good” as a “Harvey’s Hero.” B.J.’s family’s company, Utah Woolen Mills, has been hand-tailoring suits for five generations. But they’re not just bringing high-end style to the elite. B.J. and his family are making sure people working to build a better life for themselves get a chance to dress their best too. For every suit the company sells, they give a suit to someone doing everything they can to better their lives. The company has only had the policy in place since the beginning of this year, but already, they have given away more than 50 men’s suits and 5 custom, hand-tailored women’s suits.
  • Plus, over the years, Steve has helped a lot of single women decode text messages they’ve gotten from men, and he’s ready to do it again today! BRITTANY is a college student who just ended her very first serious relationship. But her ex keeps reaching out and she’s wondering if it’s a sign that they should get back together. Steve will analyze her text exchanges to get to the bottom of it all, and fill Brittany in on her ex’s true intentions.

What age do you think a son or daughter should start living on their own?