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A Diverse Focus Group Of Complete Strangers Provides Honest Feedback To Two Women Seeking Relationship Advice.

  • Steve helps two women in need of some relationship advice, by assembling a diverse focus group of everyday people ready to dish out some honest opinions! Each person in the focus group has unique insight to relationships – a rabbi, a stylist/clothing store owner, a beauty pageant coach, a mom/life coach, a college resident advisor and a trainer/fitness coach! Sometimes it’s easier to accept brutally honest advice from someone who is not so close to the situation and can look at the issue objectively. But will the women like the advice they hear?
  • Then, Steve welcomes single mom LESLIE and her two sons HAYDEN and ISAIAH. Leslie has had trouble making ends meet, but says an angel has truly blessed her family. Last fall, Leslie met a woman named LAUREN PURYEAR on Instagram, who offered to buy her kids Halloween costumes. This was just the start of Lauren’s generosity. Through her charity called “For The Love of Others,” Lauren helped fill Leslie’s table with Thanksgiving dinner, provided Leslie’s family with items for Christmas and made sure that Hayden and Isaiah had the school supplies they needed to start school this year. How does Lauren do it? A lot of the funding for her foundation comes out of her own pocket, but she says that extreme couponing allows her to feed hundreds of people for very little money. Her goal is to deliver 30,000 meals by the time she turns 30 in September of 2017! Lauren is under the impression that she is appearing on the show to talk about her foundation, but she has no idea that Leslie and her sons are there to thank her in person for her generosity. And because Lauren works tirelessly to help others, Steve will gift her with a $5,000 on behalf of Green Dot.

Would you take advice from complete strangers?