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12-Year-Old Marsai Martin From ABC’s “Black-Ish!”

  • Sometimes in a relationship, there are signs that make you question whether it’s really meant to be. Steve welcomes three women who are wondering if their man’s behavior is masking warning signs that they should be paying attention to. Steve and NICOLE POLIZZI (Snooki) will hear details of the women’s relationships, before revealing if they think they’re missing a relationship red flag!
  • Then, you all know and love her as the youngest sassy daughter on ABC’s “Black-ish,” it’s 12-year-old MARSAI MARTIN! Marsai will stop by to meet Steve Harvey in-person for the first time, sharing the story of how she became interested in acting, how she landed her coveted role on “Black-ish” and what it’s like behind the scenes with co-stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. Marsai also fills viewers in on her lead role in the Amazon Prime movie, “An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win,” which was set in the era of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Plus, Steve highlights the work of BRIANA DANIEL, creator of the “Street Team Movement,” an organization that helps homeless people receive hygiene services. Briana went undercover as a homeless person for 30 days and came out of the experiment with a better understanding of what homeless people go through and the realization that hygiene makes you feel like you have worth. Through her organization, Briana has figured out a way to provide laundry services free of charge and created a mobile hygiene center where homeless people can receive basic hygiene products like deodorant and tooth paste. As a surprise to Briana, Steve gives a woman named KELLY the chance to thank Brianna face-to-face, for going above and beyond to help her overcome homelessness.
  • And Steve lets viewers in on his plans for the upcoming “Sand & Soul Fest” at Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, which will take place Columbus Day weekend, October 6-9, 2017!

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